The Ask

Corona Extra and the sport of boxing have been long associated with each other. With consumers of multicultural backgrounds making up most of boxing’s fan base, the drive to solidify their relationship with them became Corona’s next opportunity—more exposure on television by reinforcing their target consumer’s passion for boxing.

Our Solution

We developed and executed a comprehensive boxing program for Corona that was present at major boxing events nationwide. These events included mega boxing fights like Mayweather vs Canelo and Mayweather vs McGregor. The program included the following:
  • A hotel and casino takeover complete with branded elements for optimal exposure throughout the property. 

  • Corona branding and Corona brand ambassadors integrated at highly televised fight week events. This included fighter arrivals, workouts, press conferences and weigh ins. 

  • Brand presence at fight night with Corona ring card models, photo marketing, expert ring dressing for TV footage, VIP hospitality and on and off-site VIP experiences. 


Result Our program became the catalyst for the production of 3,000 Corona Boxing displays for retail accounts nationwide. Viewership for Mayweather vs Canelo generated over 2.5 million Pay Per View buys. Viewership for Mayweather vs McGregor reached over 4.4 million Pay Per View buys. It was the first time ever at MGM Las Vegas Casino and Hotel that an import beer, Corona, outsold a major domestic beer.